James Neumann leads Optic Outdoor Investments(OOS), a media and entertainment company that has a global presence, as its chairman and CEO. James Neumann’s professional background includes previous leadership positions with outdoor marketing companies, and his educational resume comprises a bachelor's degree in economics and math and a master of business administration.

Outside of work, Neumann holds numerous leadership positions with industry-related associations. He belongs to the HD Digital Billboard Alliance as one of its founding members, and he is a current director with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Inc.

Also involved in a variety of civic activities, Neumann holds board positions with the Boy Scouts of America, the United Way of St. Louis, the Junior Achievement St. Louis chapter, and the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research. He further participates with the Miller Family Foundation and the Greater St. Louis Chamber of Commerce.

James Neumann has been honored in his professional life through inclusion on the Most Powerful People in Billboards list, compiled by Outdoor Ink. For his charitable contributions, he has been recognized as a Spirit of Life Honoree by City of Hope, a center for cancer treatment and research.